Quick Answer: What Is A Elf Shrew Worth In Adopt Me?

What pets can you get from a pet egg in Adopt Me?

Obtainable PetsRarityPetCommonDogOtterUncommonChocolate LabradorFennec Fox12 more rows.

What is the most legendary pet in Adopt Me?

Legendary PetsAlbino Monkey (Monkey Box)Arctic Reindeer (Christmas Egg)Bat Dragon (Halloween Event 2019: 180,000 Candies)Cerberus (500 Robux)Crow (Farm Egg)Diamond Ladybug (Farm Shop Event 2021 – Diamond Lavender (199 Robux) – 1 in 40 Chance)Dodo (Fossil Egg)Dragon (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)More items…•Feb 24, 2021

What is a Elf Hedgehog worth in Adopt Me?

Price. 80,500; however, now that Elf Hedgehogs are not available to purchase, players can only obtain them through trading. On April 11, 2020, Elf Hedgehogs were renamed “Hedgehog” and the Elf Hat was added to the owner’s inventory, allowing players to trade the hat separately.

Where to get a blue egg in Adopt Me?

This egg is now only obtainable through trading with other players who own the item.

What was the first egg in Adopt Me?

Blue EggWhat was the very first egg in Adopt Me? The first egg of the game is the Blue Egg, and it was introduced to the game last summer. Although it is the first egg of the game, it can only be obtained through trading. During its time in the game, it was sold to 100 Bucks and included the uncommon class Blue Dog.

What egg is the Black Panther from in Adopt Me?

The Black Panther was one of the seven pets that were available in the Jungle Egg in Adopt Me!. It is classified as an uncommon pet and players had 22.5% of hatching one from a Jungle Egg. The Black Panther was added to the game along with the other Jungle pets on August 31, 2019, after the Safari Egg.

Are monkeys coming to adopt me?

The new update coming to Adopt Me is The Monkey Fairground, starting at 5pm, British time. Inside the Monkey Fairground, players will be able to use bucks to purchase a jack in the box which holds different items inside – and a guaranteed monkey pet.

What is the rarest pet in Adopt Me?

Some of the Most Rare Pet In Adopt Me are:Beaver.Rabbit.Elephant.Hyena.Bunny.Snow Puma.Brown Bear.Australian Kelpie.More items…•Jan 25, 2021

What is a Blue Dog worth in Adopt Me 2020?

Pink cats are worth as little as a rare pet to as much as small legendary, while blue dogs are worth legendries.

Is the monkey king legendary in Adopt Me?

The Monkey King Crown is classified as a limited ultra-rare pet accessory in Adopt Me! that was available during the Monkey Fairground Event.

What is worth a ride potion in Adopt Me?

How much a ride potion worth in Roblox Adopt Me? It cost 150 robux. Its worth a pet that cost about the same robux, a ride pet, or a legendary.

What pet accessory give you the Elf shrew in Adopt Me?

Elf HatThe Elf Hat is classified as a limited rare pet accessory. Players that have previously owned the Elf Hedgehog or Elf Shrew (now Hedgehog and Shrew) will be given this hat for free.

What is a snow Puma worth in Adopt Me?

$0.75. You will get a (Full Grown) Snow Puma if you buy this. It is a rare pet.

How rare is a Monkey King in Adopt Me?

There is a 100% chance of obtaining it from the Monkey Box and a 90% chance of obtaining it from the Premium Monkey Box. There are 5 other versions of the Monkey: the Albino Monkey, Ninja Monkey, Business Monkey, Toy Monkey, and the Monkey King.

What is the rarest pet?

Here Is A List Of Some Peculiar Pets:Number 1 – The Capybara. … Number 2 – The Fennec Fox. … Number 3 – The Squirrel Monkey. … Number 4 – Stick Insects. … Number 5 – Hedgehogs. … Number 6 – Skunks. … Number 7 – Pygmy Goats. … Number 8 – The Spotted Genet.More items…

How rare is elephant in Adopt Me?

The Elephant is one of the seven pets available from the Safari Egg in Adopt Me!. It is classified as a rare pet which players have a 37% chance of hatching a rare pet from the Safari Egg or an 18.5% chance of hatching an Elephant. The Elephant was added into the game with the other Safari Pets on July 5, 2019.

What is worth a shrew in Adopt Me?

How Much is a Shrew Worth – Adopt Me. Not that long ago, this pet was available with an elf hat, hence why it was formerly known as the Elf Shrew. … Looking at recent community trades, we can see that the Shrew is worth, on average, a Neon Robin and a Fly Penguin.

What rarity is a snow cat in Adopt Me?

The Snow Cat is classified as a non-limited uncommon pet in Adopt Me! which can be hatched from the Cracked Egg ( 350), Pet Egg ( 600), and Royal Egg ( 1450), or by trading.